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Everyone is welcome at iuccl

We don't care if your rich, We don't even care what your wear if that's what you have, or even if your purple with pink spots! All we care about is how we can help in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ! One of our Missions is to feed the homeless in the Streets of Lorain if you would like to help please call

 Clergy Mike at 440-462-6555

Food Pantry coming soon we will keep you posted.

If you are in need of food or shelter at this time please call 211.

We have started the 501c3 non-profit status, We are waiting for IRS ruling! 

Some things to know about our Church...

We offer a service every Sunday


9:00 am Traditional Service

1200 am Contemporary

Coffee hour follows worship

We don't pass a plate!

Everyone is welcome!

Join us for coffee and chat meet new friends and get up date's on old friends. If you would like to help out one Sunday

please call the office or e-mail us.

Because of the fact we do not want to offend any one because they can't give we do not pass a plate unless there's food on it.

For those who feel lead to give a offering can do so by the doors you came in. 

At iuccl our doors are open ! Many of us come from other faiths, But all come to worship and praise the Lord in our own way. We teach from the Holy Bible and live the best we can in Christ's light. We will not judge you we are here for you.



4730 Chelsea Dr.


Office 440-462-6555  9am - 6 pm 

Clergy MIke  440-444-7145   24/7


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