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Meet our Officiant's

We have three Officant's who can help you with your wedding needs.

From Christoin to pagan, religis to non religis your wish is our request

Our Team

Reverend Mike Bole (Clergy Mike)

Hi, I'm Reverend Mike Bole (Clergy Mike) you can git ahold of me at (440)-462-6555 or

 (440) 444-7145 and email me at

Gary Buck

Hello Im Gary you can contact me at 

 (440) 462-6555  or you can email me at

Timothy Hood

Hello my name is Tim. I was brought up Christian Baptist Disciples of Christ. When I was 15 I set myself on a religious quest to find my path. After 5 years I found the Wicca path. I joined Rev. Mike because I agree with what our cause is all about. I hope I can help to assist you. Please contact me at (440) 458-1914 or you can email me at



4730 Chelsea Dr



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